RedisCover Jigsaw Puzzles

Bob Dylan

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Dylan's brilliant second album revolutionized the art of songwriting and made the 21-year-old singer the voice of his generation. Don Hunstein's candid cover photo was taken in New York's Greenwich Village and thoughtful back-cover liner notes by Nat Hentoff.

Jimi Hendrix

Axis Bold As Love

Hendrix's second studio album is an impeccable blend of poetry, psychedelia and pop. The cover, designed by David King and painted by Roger Law, imitates a Hindu devotional poster and was one of the first gatefold covers.

The Rolling Stones

Let It Bleed

The Rolling Stones ended the Sixties with this spellbinding rock 'n' roll album. Keith Richards commissioned the cover art from his friend Robert Brownjohn. The cake on top of the stack was decorated by now famous cookbook author Delia Smith.

David Bowie

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Ziggy Stardust, a glam-rock masterpiece, transformed David Bowie into an international icon of music and style. Brian Ward's cover photos–depict Bowie outside a furrier's shop on London's Heddon Street were hand-tinted by illustrator Terry Pastor.



The album that kicked off the grunge revolution, Nevermind was the earthshaking noise of an underground punk rock group becoming the biggest band of its time. The cover design was inspired by a documentary about underwater birth.

Grateful Dead


The Dead's third album,is one of their most experimental and richly layered studio recordings. More than any other band, it was through their album covers and posters that psychedelic design approached the level of fine art. Front cover by Rick Griffin, back cover photo by Thomas Weir.

Jackson Browne

Late For The Sky

Jackson Browne's masterpiece Late For The Sky is a singular triumph in the singer-songwriter genre. The cover design is homage to Rene Magritte's 1954 Surrealist painting "Empire of Light" with photography by Bob Seidemann.

Johnny Cash

At Folsom Prison

Recorded January 13, 1968, At Folsom Prison captured Johnny Cash live and raw, and cemented his outlaw reputation. The cover's close-up shot was taken by legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall. Back cover features handwritten liner notes by Cash.